Event | November 3, 2022

Accelerating medical breakthroughs through deep tech
Roundtable at Websummit 2022

'Because drug development and discovery is facing an R&D challenge, we know that we should do better. We know that 90% of drugs currently fail to cure properly 50% of the population and this is due to the fact that we are now able to predict with sufficient accuracy how small molecules and drugs bind to proteins. This is exactly what quantum computers can do very efficiently.' 

Sabrina Maniscalco - co-founder & CEO of Algorithmiq, Ali Parsa - founder & CEO of Babylon Health, Ana Maiques - co-founder & CEO of Neuroelectrics, and George Lawton - Correspondent at VentureBeat had a discussion on how deep tech will accelerate medical breakthroughs in the future at WebSummit 2022.

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