3rd Nordic Quantum Life Science Roundtable

DAY 1 (14th Nov)

9:00–9:30. Ferry from Market Square to Suomenlinna 

9:30–9:45. Registration and coffee

9:45–10:00. Welcome

10:00–10:45. Keynote
Susanna Huelga (University of Ulm) / Coherent effects in biological processes

10:45–11:15. Presentation
Göran Johansson (Chalmers, WACQT) / Quantum Life Science in Sweden

11:15–11:45. Presentation
Stephan Sauer (University of Copenhagen) / Hybrid Quantum Chemistry on Hybrid NISQ Quantum Computers: The Danish IBM Quantum Innovation Center

11:45–12:30. Keynote
Jeanette Miriam Lorenz (Fraunhofer Inst. for Cognitive Systems)
/ Towards applying quantum computing in medicine

12:30–13:30. Lunch

13:30–14:15. Panel debate
Building Nordics quantum life science ecosystem: prospects & challenges   
Moderator: Lene Oddershede (Novo Nordisk Foundation)  
Anders Broo (AstraZeneca)  
Anders Gøgsig Randrup (Danish Ministry of Research and Higher Education) 
Mikkel Skovborg (Novo Nordisk Foundation)  
Caterina Foti (QPlayLearn)  

14:15–14:45. Presentation
Sam Genway (Capgemini) / Data driven predictions of covalent drug reactivity with computed quantum features

14:45–15:15. Presentation
Caterina Foti (QPlayLearn): / Building capacity: QLS literacy

15:15–15:45. Presentation
Ira Haraldsen (Oslo Univ. Hospital) / TBA 

15:45–16:15. Coffee

16:15–17:00. Keynote
Eugene Polzik (Niels Bohr Institute) / Atomic quantum sensors for biomedical applications

17:00–17:45. Panel debate
Quantum technology use cases in life sciences  
Moderator: Sam Genway (Capgemini)  
Elica Kyoseva (Wellcome Leap)  
Lauri Parkkonen (Aalto University)   
Martina Stella (Algorithmiq)  
Stefan Kröll (Lund Unversity)  

17:45–18:15. Presentation
Anders Broo (AstraZeneca) / Quantum Computing at AstraZeneca

18:15–18:45. Presentation
Stefan Knecht (Algorithmiq) / Ground and excited states: Pushing the envelope of computational chemistry on quantum computing

19:15. Dinner

DAY 2 (15th Nov)

9:00–9:30. Ferry from Market Square to Suomenlinna 

9:30–10:00. Coffee

10:00–10:45. Keynote
Lara Jehi (Cleveland Clinic) / Cleveland Clinic Quantum Discovery Accelerator

10:45–11:15. Presentation
Lauri Parkkonen (Aalto university) / Quantum technologies for brain measurements

11:15–12:00. Panel debate
Quantum life sciences and venture capital   
Moderator: Lauri Kokkila (Inventure VC)  
Ed Kliphius (Sofinnova)   
David Sonnek (Navigare)  
Inka Mero (Voima Ventures)   
Ion Hauer (Apex Ventures)  

12:00–13:00. Lunch

13:15–14:00. Suomenlinna Tour

14:00–14:45. Panel debate
Opportunities and challenges with implementation and upscaling – how do we implement and launch QLS products and services?   
Moderator: Ebba Carbonnier (Swelife and Karolinska Institutet)
David Sonnek (Navigare)  
Val Zwiller (KTH) 
Ivano Tavernelli (IBM)  
Lara Jehi (Cleveland Clinic)  

14:45–15:00. Closing remarks

15:00–15:30. Wrap up

17:00. Sauna evening (by registration)