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We believe that society should be informed about quantum computing and other technologies and how they can affect our lives. With this in mind, we always participate in scientific events, science outreach actions, interviews, committees and other ways to spread the word about what we do and how we think.

Announcement | September 05, 2022

Algorithmiq at BeyondC.

Our CEO Sabrina Maniscalco presented some of our most important results at BeyondC-Frontiers of Quantum Information Science, one of the most prestigious events that brings together more than 20 prominent speakers in quantum information science.

Announcement | August 22, 2022

Our new results significantly reduce the number of shots required to achieve chemical accuracy in quantum simmulations.

We have proposed some methods to significantly reduce the number of qubits and two-qubit gates required to implement adaptive measurements on current quantum hardware. We also presented strategies for mitigating measurement errors in order to reliably infer expectation values in currently available noisy quantum devices.

In the news | July 29, 2022

Algorithmiq is listed in Business Insider’s top 23 EU deep tech startups

Algorithmiq is harnessing the power of quantum computing and applying it to life sciences to solve major challenges big pharma companies face, including Drug Discovery & Development, a process that typically takes 10 years and costs $1bn per drug.

In the news | July 27, 2022

Enter Quantum spoke to Prof. Sabrina Maniscalco and Prof. Joseph Loscalzo on the topic of Quantum Network Medicine

“If successful, the application of quantum computing to network medicine will set a new standard for and define the nascent field of quantum network medicine.”

In the news | July 14, 2022

The Quantum Insider broadcasts our collaboration with the Boston Research Team on Quantum Network Medicine

Algorithmiq couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with pioneers of Network Medicine and launch a new field of it.

In the news | July 18, 2022

EU Startups lists Algorithmiq in the startup weekly round-up

Our collaboration with Boston research team gathers attention in line with many other meaningful European startups and their launches, partnerships and expansions.

Announcement | July 16, 2022

Juha-Pekka joined our team!

Juha-Pekka is our new IT Manager. He holds a master's degree in industrial management from the Helsinki University of Technology. He has extensive experience of working in the financial and start-up sectors, as well as passion for business development.

In the news | July 15, 2022

Digital Health Technology News highlights our white paper on Quantum Network Medicine

In it, we argue that the connection between network medicine and quantum computing has the potential to provide a new paradigm for disease prevention and drug design.

Event | July 5-9, 2022

Algorithmiq organised and sponsored the Quantum Hiking 2022 workshop

For five days, 35 researchers hiked together through the Gran Paradiso National Park in the Italian Alps, discussing, collaborating and presenting results on quantum physics and related topics. It was a unique experience that reinforced our belief in non-traditional methods to foster scientific collaboration.

Event | June 14, 2022

We organised the first Quantum Medicine Network Symposium

At the interface between quantum physics, complex networks and life sciences. The symposium featured presentations by distinguished professors Joseph Loscalzo (Harvard Medical School), Mariangeles Serrano (University of Barcelona) and Antonio Acin (ICFO - Institute of Photonic Sciences), as well as our CSO, Dr. Guillermo García-Pérez.

Announcement | May 19, 2022

Dr. Stefan Knecht joins us!

Dr. Stefan Knecht has joined Algorithmiq as a Leading Quantum Chemist Researcher. Stefan is also an associate professor at the Univ. Mainz and works on the chemistry of the heaviest elements and multi-configurational electronic structure theory.

In the news | May 12, 2022

Science Business magazine interviews our CEO Sabrina Maniscalco on the importance of allocating more funding towards the education and training for the Quantum Information and Technologies.

Announcement | May 07, 2022

Our CEO Sabrina Maniscalco has been  invited to speak at the The White House in a roundtable discussion about «Pursuing Quantum Information Together: 2^N vs 2N». 

In the news | April 19, 2022

Our CEO Sabrina Maniscalco talks to Sifted about her motivations to start Algorithmiq.

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